Thursday, July 26, 2012


It's been ages since I last blogged. Mainly is because I am LAZYYY haha. But other than that, there's nothing much to blog about. And I don't think my writings are intriguing enough lol.

In contrary to what I've just said, "there's nothing much to blog about", life has been bad, and then good..and  when I feel things are better now, shit just had to happen. Sitting here, ranting, is of no use at all. I wanna do something about it, instead of just letting it take its toll on me, I wanna be someone. But the problem is, where do I start?

Taking the first step out is always the hardest. But it's not impossible. I've been slogging and wasting time for awhile now. Future seems so uncertain, just a shade of grey, I can't see where I stand 10 years from now. Or even just 5. I hate the fact that I'm a dreamer. And only a dreamer, not doing nuts about it.

Any words of wisdom?

P/S: FML la. Another boring post. I should really get a life lol.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Warning: This is a boring post.

Okay I'll start of with how happy I am that Blogspot finally decided to be creative and move forward when everything else is progressing. Lol. They came out with more awesome fonts now! HOORAY! And I've gotten myself a pretty fancy one. I think it's cute. But I'd probably change it after a couple of months cuz then I'd be bored of it. Lol. Anyhoo, I've been slacking again! No updates at all. Geez, Eliza. Tsk tsk.

Okayy. Since I'm sucha boring person, this post shall be about how awfully fast time pass. Don't you agree? One minute you're having Monday blues and the next, it's Friday again! Goddd everytime I say 'it's Friday', Rebecca Black's Friday song pops into the head. I just hate how the tune sticks to my head every Friday. Dammit.

So when weekends are here, here's the shit. The ultimate question, as quoted by Kaz on facebook, is "What and where to for dinner?" I hate the question. And it wasn't just dinner on weekends for me. It's breakfast and lunch on weekdays as well. Sheesh!

Oh btw, I think this is real cute!

Don't you think so? :D

See humans love complaining. We are NEVER satisfied. Got food, complain. No food, complain. Hey think of poverty in some countries! They don't even get to ask "Hey what's for dinner?" or "I am pretty damn bloody sick of mamak/malay food/dim sum/westerns/fast food!" The ultimate question for them? "Daddy? Do we have dinner tonight?" Really heart-wrenching eh? ='(

Oh wells. Aku pun macam nie. Kesian.

And shittt it's Monday blues again! Have a great day ahead darlings. And happy working/studying/lazing or whatever you're gonna do tomorrow yeah.

"Time, please fly on weekdays and pause on weekends will ya?"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

There is no place like home.

Staying with other people is the shit. And not having a car is the next shit. Decisions are the hardest thing one could ever make. One like me, especially. I'm so bloody indecisive I don't know if I should stay here or go back to where I belong, my home.

I miss the feeling of being at home so terribly much. I miss the feeling of a family, having meals at the dining table together. I miss the feeling of my parents or my brother, having heart to heart talk with me. I miss home. I miss home so much.

At times when I just couldn't stand it, I'd say "I wanna go home." But then someone else would just say to me "You can't just stay in your comfort zone forever." True. There are so many paths for me to take but being the indecisive me, just don't know which one to. So as usual, it's the easy way out. I just quit thinking.

First option, go back to Ipoh, manage a boutique with my mom. Easy job isn't it? Next, go for airline interviews and work as a cabin crew but before that, break up with my boyfriend. And lastly, continue to stay here which I would never feel like home and cry every once in awhile. Pathetic huh?

And while most boyfriends would love to spend time with their girlfriends for at least one day a week, mine doesn't think so. I told him I wanna go out with him and he asked "Where can we go at 10 in the morning? I work 6 days a week so I'm only free on Sundays. Why can't you just let me do what I really like to do?" I was speechless. Because then I realized, that spending time with me, isn't what he wants to do most.

As much as I wanna go out on my own, to breathe and to think about everything, I couldn't. Can't tell why but I just couldn't. So all I can do is just sulk and weep like a baby inside the room, where nobody gives a shit about me.

Sucks to be me, no?

Monday, February 14, 2011

I gotta be updating right

Gee it's been ages since I've updated my blog. Again. Well I'm guessing no one's following my blog anymore ='( okay actually I guess nobody did. *SOBS...

So yeah. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Tell me. What does CNY means to you anyway? A celebration where you get to see uncles, aunties, grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents, etc..? A celebration where you get to buy new clothes and compete with your relatives to see who's the reddest? Well to me, it's all about the angpaos. BWAHAHAHAHAHA and getting fat. Urgghhh!

I had a family reunion alright. Aunts and uncles came back to Ipoh from Aussie and KL and they all stayed at my place. And no my house is no bungalow so me and my brother slept in our parents' room. Sad much.

Okay anyways, here's a 'chun ka fook' of the Lee Family.

Yeah there were only gorgeous people in the family. HAHA

Get what I mean about the 'I'm the Reddest!' competition?

And we went to Bukit Tinggi to stay a night and enjoy the fresh air (LOL). It wasn't fun because the place was fun. It was fun because all of us were there. Including my boyfriend. Yayy. Well it's time he meet my relatives, no? LOL.

Lemme show you my lil cousin. The youngest, the 2nd cutest (I'm the first. AHAHAHAHAHA kidding) and the smartest.

One of me and lil Jovinna from Melbourne. 

Goddd I miss her so much! ):

Hmm. Nothing much to update already. Dammit I gotta make ze life more happening!

Happy Rabbit Year everyone!

P.S. - If you wanna hand me angpao, please come to Sunway Giza tonight cuz I'll be there with the crazy bunch.

Monday, January 24, 2011


The title is so random therefore this entry is gonna be boring ='(

I've just adopted a new pup and I named her Poppy! She's a Beagle mixed Jack Russell. That's what we think. I will snap a nice and clear picture of her soon. I mean I have tried and she's such an active pup! I dehydrated running after her wtf.

But nonetheless, she is still damn cute and lovable. Just like me. BWAHAHAHHAHAAA. Okay I know it makes you nauseous well forget what I've said lar. Hmphh!

Anyways, I've got nothing much to blog about since I live a boring life ):


I wonder what style am I changing to this year...Punk & Emo? Chic & Glamorous? Casual & Boring?

Okay la. Casual & Boring suits me better.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Yes laugh. I know you think I'm dreaming cuz I think I am too.

Anyways, I was saying that because of all the drama in my life, especially in these few days. I shall tell you how dramatic my weekend has been and you will then nominate me as the actress of the year. Bwahahahahaa!!!

I went for a company trip to Malacca last Friday and got back yesterday evening. I'm not gonna post about the trip right now because I haven't got the pictures ready yet but I'm gonna tell you when the drama starts.

Saturday night, we (my colleagues & I) went out for dinner at a seafood restaurant in Sg. Duyung, Melaka. And when Jack parked his car, half of both the front tires got sucked in by the mud. The guys (Jack, Michael, David & Ching) spent like an hour to try to reverse the car and in the end, they were all scooping the 'teh-tarik' like muddy water so they could see how deep it was. After scooping for around 10-15 minutes, the 4 of them pushed the front while Kenny was reversing the car. AND THEY SUCCEEDED! AND WE CLAPPED LIKE MAD WOMEN! :D

At 2.35am, the same night, I heard David saying "See she still can sleep like a pig. HAHAHAHA." I was like, what the hell is David doing in my room? Are they having some kinda party while I was asleep?? Oh no it wasn't a party, the water pipe next to the toilet bowl burst and our toilet was flooding (for the vids, please visit Michelle's blog. David said he even heard the noise from the elevator. And I can still be sleeping as if nothing happened wtf. Heyy I'm not usually like that okay?! I was really tired! Heheheheheheheeheeee

Michelle finally called the front desk and we were upgraded to the Presidential Suite. Awesome shite you must thinking. Moving to the Presidential Suite at 3am. Really awesome. Michelle you might wanna burst the pipe abit earlier next time. Say the first night of our stay there maybe? :P

So we settled down at 3.15am, looking around the suite, jumping here and there. And then it was 3.30am when we decided we'll just sleep. Then I heard noises. 'Tick tack tick tack' like someone was playing with the wash room's light switch. I heard noises as if someone was throwing stones at the window. But then I was too tired to care so I just dozed off to bed.

The next morning, I was woken up by Michelle, who was using the hair-dryer. She told us to be quick and shower before the breakfast finishes, which was at 10.30am. So I got my lazy ass up and talked to Yin for a bit. Then she told me she didn't quite sleep that night cuz of the 'tick tack' noise. I was like, "Shit you heard it too?? I thought I was hallucinating!" Both of us started to freak out then. 

But for the free awesome breakfast, I just had to gather my balls, if I've got any, and just go get a quick (BUT CLEAN, OBVIOUSLY. DUHH) shower. And I found out the lights went off even when the switches were on. My heart was pounding the whole time while I was showering cuz it was so dim! OMG WTF SO SCARYYY WEHHH T_____________T And because there was 2 tiny glass windows covered with only blinds, we can still see a lil bit into the room. And omfg I saw something white at the top like just a white 'something' pass by REALLY QUICKLY.

It is definitely not human because no one was there I'm sure. Mich and Dav went down for breakfast already and Yin was too short to for that height plus she was in another wash room. I FREAKED OUT BIG TIME I TELL YOU. Tried so damn hard to remain calm and not scream cuz I think us, showing that we're afraid, gives them power. Or some shit like that. Lol.

I just grab my towel, very quickly wrapped myself, and just ran out to the room, didn't even bothered to brush my teeth and dry my hair. I quickly dress up and ran to the wash room outside to find Yin. I think I looked pale at the moment but I don't think Yin noticed cuz she was busy rushing for the breakfast. Tsk tsk. 

Hello in the end I did brush my teeth okay. Just that I did it in the other washroom. A smaller one. Lol.

That was uber scary wehh. I think I almost peed in the towel I wrapped myself with wtf. I am never scared to admit that I am a scaredy-cat. Therefore I shall now tell you that I AM A SCAREDY-CAT. Yes, you can brand me Chicken, or Coward, or better, Pussy cuz I am. HAHAHAHAHA.

Let's skip to last night, the last drama for the week. Ash called me and told me *conversation is to remain secretive* and that L was gonna kill herself. I talked to L and calm her down, saying I will be there in an hour. So I reached TBR at 11.15pm, went and talk to L while Ash just walked out and when I called him, he said he was in front of Joseph's house which was just down the road. Afraid that Ash would hit him, MY and I went after him. 

Ash was in front of the inner gate while Joseph, well obviously being a pussy, he was hiding. I asked his housemates where he is and oh he appeared from behind the wall.

Me: Wtf is wrong with you?
J: What are you talking about? I don't understand. *since you're sucha pussy, your dialogue shall be in pink*
Me: Yea right. What you tryna pull an act now? Why the fuck did you mess with L when you already know she has a boyfriend?
J: *forgot what he said*
Me: You come out now and settle it like a man. 
J: Why do I wanna come out? How do I know if you guys are gonna do anything to me?
Me: Hello. Are you a man or not? Stop being sucha pussy. Talking to a girl with a gate in between. That's not very manly of you, isn't it?
J: You can call me a pussy but I'm not gonna come out. The police is on their way.
Me: Lol. Actually better that you've called the police. You are going straight to jail man. *smiles*
J: Look, Eliza. I know we had a thing last time but I hope it's not about that.
Me: *Blood starts boiling and apparently my baby boy's too when he heard that cuz he started screwing him as well* Come on man. Who do you think you are? You think you're so much of an impact in my life that I'd still be sulking about what you did to me? Lol.
J: Okay fine, I'm sorry *yapping away stupidly*
Me: YOU SHUT UP and come out now.
J: Why are you acting like a gangster now? Obviously I'm not going to go out.
Me: Do you have fucking balls anot? Huh? If I'm acting like a gangster, do you think it'll only be a handphone and a handbag I'm holding? I'll be fucking holding a 'parang' la. LOL.

Knn. I was damn pissed off I tell you. Sucha pussy. Did shite to girls and he didn't wanna admit it. Effing pussy. I know of a few girls who had the same experience as well. I cannot just let it be.

The police finally came. In jeans and a tee with a sling bag. Lol. Oops, sorry :P 

They asked for our IC and asked what's all the commotion about. I went straight to Joseph's face and said "We have powerful people behind us. Who do you have, you fucking criminal? You are going straight to jail. Just wait."

So bla bla bla. We're just waiting for L's decision if she wants to report about it. 

I reached home at about 2. Tired much.